Do Copper Peptides Really Work?

Do Copper Peptides Really Work?

First, what precisely are Copper Peptides?

Generally talking, peptides are protein molecules sufficiently small to penetrate the skin's protecting boundaries to get to the deeper layers. Sure kinds of peptides naturally bind very tightly with copper and the result is a compound consisting of a peptide and a copper atom which has turn into known as a Copper Peptide.

OK, so this discovery (made within the 70's by a biochemist named Dr. Pickartwork) basically permits us to increase the copper ranges in our skin, by making use of a cream topically on the skin. And naturally now we ask: why would we would like copper delivered to our skin in the first place? Nicely, it seems that copper peptides can have a optimistic impact on wound healing. They scale back scar tissue formation while stimulating normal pores and skin remodeling. In different words, they assist higher restore the damaged area to its authentic look. In addition, they have anti-inflammatory properties and cut back irritation. At this level you would possibly say "OK, Nice! They rework the pores and skin! That's precisely what I need for my wrinkles/stretch marks/saggy skin! Give me some!" Properly, not so fast.

What was confirmed was that Copper Peptides can restore wounded pores and skin, however the big question is: Are they also good for skin that's NOT wounded? In other words, is growing old pores and skin and wounded skin share the identical properties that profit from delivering copper into them?


A evaluation printed within the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (January 2.04) concluded that: " the science supporting wound healing with copper peptide is sound but the science supporting amelioration of skin getting older is still weak, missing good double-blind comparability research". I also found a number of research printed on Dr. Pikart himself's SkinBiology net site. However they're mainly relating to wounds, and not wrinkles, with relatively small pattern sizes, and no dialogue of clinical significance (which is vital to be sure that the outcomes didn't happen merely by chance).

In the article I've learn called "Are Peptides Necessary Components? " a girl in her 40's asks whether peptides can help reverse her skin getting older signs. The response she obtained is that while there was some evidence of an increase in skin thickness in a certain examine, it is inconclusive. "nobody appears to be really certain if these peptides are effective in common skin creams or not. In fact, while they [copper peptides] look promising, there's some evidence to counsel that when used improperly, copper peptides can have a unfavourable effect on pores and skin by triggering free radical damage." In case you're interested to learn more on the scientific discussion there's a very attention-grabbing thread within the EDS Boards (see hyperlink under) hat you'll be able to read.

Bottom line: scientific evidence about copper peptides having anti getting older properties remains to be considerably lacking.


In fairness, Copper Peptides are hardly the one example of a concept-primarily based product that's used even though it was not solely confirmed to work. For instance, nobody is really sure how some anti-depressants work exactly, but they're nonetheless used and so they DO assist some people. So maybe extra important than scientific analysis is what customers of Copper Peptides serums and merchandise really should say about it. Well, it seems there isn't any agreement about that, either. I found many people reporting each good and bad things about CP.

(BAD) "I finished the CP's and the area around my eyes would recuperate but my cheek area did not. To this present day it's nonetheless slightly crinkled and has not gone back to what it was earlier than CP's.

(GOOD) "I have been utilizing Pores and skin Biology Copper peptides for a number of years now and I've seen an unimaginable improvement in my skin. "

(BAD) "... I had an analogous expertise with CPs with negatively impacted areas around eyes and neck. My neck appeared absolutely horrible. I am still recovering from it. "

(BAD) " upon utilizing very conservatively the weakest formulation for a number of months, the texture of my skin and its pure elasticity had been considerably and adversely affected."

(GOOD) "I have been using your CP serum and emu oil on an space of damaged pores and skin on my face for nearly a year, and have just lately also started utilizing your Super cop cream. Each have been very good in enhancing my pores and skin, and I've been very pleased with the gradual enchancment that I have seen."

So it seems that while lots of people report that CP serums do improve their pores and skin, additionally many of them that complain about their unintended effects (they call it the 'uglies' - the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles and high-quality lines that you just get from using/overusing CP merchandise). Some discover that it goes away if a break is taken from the CP products, however others they experience what's seemingly a permanent damage.