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Casual gaming. That's a fairly popular term being thrown around especially in the recent success it's had. Casual gaming has generated billions of dollars recently and introduced an incredible number of consumers to the games industry who would not other wise play games. Systems such as the Wii and free mahjong games are creating phenomenal success on this space. The success has become so great that lots of in the big publishers have become jumping on the bandwagon with divisions focused on this genre. It's counterpart and most popular till recently continues to be traditional gaming. Before we get in to the depths of this discussion an explanation of casual and traditional gaming is needed.

Today, everyone's their particular laptop or computer and video consoles. Children today are more attached with games when compared with television. The Internet offers them with 1000s of games to select from and may differ from educational, to developing problem solving skills, and even learning to be a criminal. Although this is just a play, our little ones still need proper guidance in relation to violent recreations.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Tuesday released an international entertainment and media industry outlook report 2008-2012. Reported that this global gaming sales in 2007 amounted to 41.9 billion U.S. dollars, this figure raises to 2012, 68.3 billion U.S. dollars ,2008-2012, four years, the annual compound growth rate up to 10.3%. PwC declared that game titles in the four years will be better than the performance of internet marketing and Internet access for all media and entertainment industry.

Girls Go Games has greater than 75 online for free makeover room games including "Valentine's Banquet Decor," "Pink Apartment Makeover," "Bathroom Decoration," "Classroom Make Over" plus more. A short advertisement plays while each game loads in your browser. You can rate each game as being a favorite, one you like or possibly a game you dislike. You can sort all the games so that people's favorites appear first. You can leave comments on the games.

When I was shown Personal Computers (PC's) I immediately saw the potential of where computers could take video and on-line computer games. Again, this is before free online games. I was enjoying games like ?Doom?, ?Diablo?, ?Tomb Raider?, ?Myst?, ?Mech Warrior?, and in many cases ?Leisure Suit Larry?. (Actually, free online games and on-line computer games were then just becoming available online.)